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3D effect on the snare track in the mix

The goal of anyone involved in audio mixing is to combine all recorded tracks into one, attractive sounding whole. This causes that the music is pleasant to listen to and the listener has the impression that the musical picture extends in front of him not only across the width of the right and left channels, but also reaches deep. A cool mix should be "three-dimensional".

Drums are one of the basic elements of the mix because they are responsible for the pulse of the number and occupy a rather exposed place in the sound image. Its most audible element is the snare drum. So what to do to make the snare sound nice and to exist in the mix in the most attractive way? Well, it's good if we put it in some space so that it's not "dry". I am not talking here about the band correction, in short, the EQ that we need to set before this operation so that the snare drum sounds beautiful, full band.

The  processor called reverb is perfect for placing the snare in space and making it look like a 3D effect.

First, we place the reverb plug-in on a track or group of snare tracks. BUS. Then we set the predelay to 0 and the decay time to 0.1 seconds or about 100ms. So we are dealing with a very short reverberation time. The next step will be to set the effect level. If we have a wet/dry knob, we set it in the proportions of 80% clean signal and 20% effect. If we have it divided into two knobs or sliders, the Dry - Resin attenuation slider and the Wet slider to -20db. Of course, this can be modified to your own taste and needs in the mix. Listen to the snare in the context of your mix and make further adjustments as needed. Pay attention to how the reverb interacts with other elements in the mix and adjust the parameters to achieve a balanced and coherent sound.

The trick that I presented here is just a "starting position" to play with the sound of the snare drum. This can be "hidden" in many ways, giving, for example, the so-called. "reverse reverb" but more on that in the next episode ;)



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