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Always start the mix with this.

The success of the music mixing process depends on an almost infinite number of different options and actions. Nevertheless, you have to start somewhere.

It's best to start by setting the output levels of all the component parts of the mix.

For this you will only need one plugin and some time to set all the faders in the right position.

The first thing we do is select the faders of all tracks and move them to -6dB. Then on the sum we only turn on the limiter and raise the gain by 6dB.

The next step will be to set all the levels according to our plans how the mix should sound. However, we set them so that the attenuation of the limiter at peak moments does not exceed -3dB.

With the limiter set in this way, we go through the entire mixing process. We add, effects, subtract, change the volume and EQ of individual elements of the mix. We always make sure that the damping of the limiter does not exceed the magic 3dB. Once we reach the final, we turn off the limiter and our mix is at the perfect level to start the mastering process.

The primary benefit of this operation is that we mix without destructive distortion on the sum. Our mix preserves the bands and dynamics. We are also constantly working with a pleasant volume of the entire project. Pleasant with very useful.

Also remember that you can always send your tracks for the mix to me at the Vintage Records recording studio and you can do ... whatever you want :)

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