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Professional studio recording services

  Vintage Records – recording studio

The Vintage Records recording studio offers its space for all those who want to professionally and pleasantly record their music (live recording or track by track), record vocals or individual instruments. The studio is located in a charming place which is the Porażyn Palace (50km from Poznań, also it's not so far from Berlin – around 215 km). The place is surrounded by a historic park, peace, quiet and fresh air.

The studio is for every musician

Do you play rock, rap, produce beats, are you a session musician or do you want to professionally mix or master previously recorded material?  Do you like a relaxed atmosphere, unusual decor? This studio is just for you.

Atmospheric and unique recording studio

A large 32m2 control room and two live rooms (30 m2 and 50 m2), a 6m2 room, the so-called "iso booth" guarantee great comfort of work and very good sound effects. We are able to record up to 30 tracks simultaneously. We are not afraid of large bands. The time spent in the Vintage Records recording studio is remembered as creative and pleasant time.

Training, sound production workshops, mix analysis, hardware advice.

Not sure what to choose for your home recording studio? Do you have equipment but you are not quite able to work it out and get 100% of the possibilities out of it? Do you do mixes but feel like you would like to do it better?
Call us, we will talk, advise and if necessary, we will provide training for you or at Vintage Records.
The rates, depending on the duration of the service, start from PLN 150 for advice, if we work all day, the rate is PLN 700 (net).
Feel free to contact me and cooperate.

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