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Mix powierzonych ścieżek 

Możliwa  praca na miejscu lub wspólnie online


Jak przygotować ścieżki przeczytasz tutaj


Finalna obróbka utworu

Jak przygotować materiał do masteringu przeczytasz tutaj


Nagrania wokalno instrumentalne


Nagrania + Przygotowanie do publikacji

lub samo przygotowanie powierzonego materiału

Do you record podcasts, publish them on YouTube or other websites?

So you need to be heard well and clearly, after all, you are talking about things that are important to you and you want the recipients to have the greatest comfort in using your content.

What do you have to do?

Write to us. Send the audio file to Vintage Records Studio that will be used in your film, we will process it professionally and send it back to you ready for publication. Correction, compression, deessing, etc. are operations that will allow you to sound the best radio and the recipients will surely appreciate it, returning and listening to new episodes.

Audio editing and processing for podcasts
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